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Illuminate Collective

Brand Identity
Web Development + Design

Illuminate Coaching is a Philadelphia-based consultancy that provides personalized coaching for mission-driven executives as well as consulting and facilitation with a focus on leadership development; diversity, equity and inclusion; and organizational culture.

While it’s co-founders, Marion H. Biglan and Miwa Kamras, has years of experience in this space, they have joined forces to make a much larger impact.

To ensure Illuminate Collective showed up whole, we were tasked with crafting the brand identity, along with designing and developing the website.

When approaching the visual direction of the brand identity, we chose to emphasize “illumination”, as this term is the literal heartbeat of this company.

We then applied the bold, yet warm color palette, font system, imagery, and Marion and Miwa’s well crafted story to the custom and responsive WordPress website.

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