Empowering educators to create space where their students can thrive.

Fulcrum Education Solutions

Brand Messaging + Copywriting
Web Development + Design

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Fulcrum Education Solutions is a Chicago-based educational consultancy that partners with educators, educational leaders, schools, and organizations to provide specialized coaching and tailored professional development to create a space where they can thrive for their students.

While Fulcrum has made a significant impact since 2015, they struggled with communicating who they were and their personalized approach to partnering with schools and leaders. They believed negative associations with “coaching” educators hindered their opportunities.

To ensure Fulcrum’s message was clear, within its own organization and for potential clients, Jenn from Jouhco crafted their brand voice and succinct brand messaging. This laid the foundation for the crafting of website copy that clearly communicated who Fulcrum is, what they do, and how they can help educators, educational leaders, and organizations meet and exceed their goals through partnership.

I was also working simultaneously on the creation of a clean, organized website that simplified and enhanced the user experience. I incorporated additional colors to accompany the existing blues in their logo and developed a bold, yet welcoming color palette that would be used throughout the website.

In just a short time after launching, the Fulcrum team is receiving excellent reviews from potential partners who are getting the exact information they need from the website to make the decision to work with them!

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