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Cllctivly is a Baltimore-based social change organization that’s creating an ecosystem to foster collaboration, increase social impact and amplify the voices of its local Black-led organizations.

It has lived up to its mission of being a resource by investing over $500,000 in Black-led organizations and businesses in Greater Baltimore since March 2020.

As Cllctivly prepared for their second annual Cllctivgive, a day of giving to support local Black-led social change organizations, they wanted to surpass the previous year’s fundraising total of $5,000. To accomplish this, it needed to raise awareness of the event to encourage more organizations to participate and more people to donate.

In July 2020, we worked with Cllctivly to create a one-month Instagram strategy to include posting eye-catching graphics, compelling caption copy, and video. This effort resulted in more organization participation and an increase in the collective amount of unrestricted funding for these organizations. 

We were thrilled that over $56,000 was raised for the participating Black-led social change organizations to help them continue doing their work.

To prepare for their 3rd annual Cllctivgive, we developed a 7-month Instagram strategy to increase Cllctivly’s social media following and engagement. We used this period to create content clearly conveying Cllctivly’s mission and initiatives, all while posting value-added shareable content leading up to the Day of Giving.

This effort resulted in Cllctivly’s Instagram followers growing by 20% and an increase in post impressions and engagement. Also, organization participation in Cllctivgive doubled to 50 and $102,348 was raised collectively to support their work.

We also created consistent visual branding to display a consistent look and feel throughout various platforms and the in-person events.

We are looking forward to collaborating with Cllctivly for their 4th annual Cllctivgive to quadruple their fundraising efforts.

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